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Cheese tart!
Wednesday, May 24, 2017 | 9:52 AM | 0 Blackjack

Hi girls! Today I want to share about cheese tart! Not the recipe, but the cheese tart from the one that I like! Hehe x) You guys will not regret and have a try with my friend's cheese tart! The price are very reasonable and it is very delicious and so so yummyyyy x)

I bought it from my friend! It only cost RM4 for 4pcs and I think it is very reasonable price! The cheese are so thick yet so yummy. I bought it almost a box every week. Haha xD That is why I am fat here! You guys can order with her, because she can COD UKM and in every colleges in here!

Just contact her okay guys! Her name is Izzanis. Just pm me and I will give her contact later!

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Me Saya Aku Anyss

Ohh hye semua ! nie kita lah Anyss Toingtoing . haha actually tak ada nak kata apa apa pun . cuma nak kata thanks follow blog nie and enjoy reading yeahh :D



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