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Wednesday, May 24, 2017 | 7:45 AM | 0 Blackjack
In the next morning , I told Shin that I had to go back to the tunnel maybe I can back to the past . I really should back now because my sister is waiting for me . Suddenly , a flashback just come across my mind . What is that scene that I just watched ?

I told Shin what just had I saw . There is a man with a wooden stick and the blood stain on it . Shin assume maybe that guy the one who has hit me . We go back to the tunnel but I can go back to past it still present either which way i go through . I felt frustated . There's must a way i can go back to my sister .

We try to find other clue which can lead us to the mystery guy . While we in the tunnel we found a bracelet which had graven a name on it . Noel . Its must that guy name .

Shin go through the police data to find any man name Noel and with other clue . There are 3 guy that came from the same village as me with that name . We try to find the first guy , he is a married man with 2 children and he's blind since he in his high school day . This is not the guy that we want to find.

Another memory come across this time I still can't see his face but there is a scar on his right arm . Next guy we met is a business man with a big house and only have a wife without children .

To be continue .

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Ohh hye semua ! nie kita lah Anyss Toingtoing . haha actually tak ada nak kata apa apa pun . cuma nak kata thanks follow blog nie and enjoy reading yeahh :D



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